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SHOCKING: Pastor Chris Hodges accepts as true multiple criminal allegations against him in federal lawsuit 

In a startling turn of events, in a federal lawsuit, defendant Chris Hodges, accepted all allegations against him as true, and pleaded the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine in hopes of keeping his actions secret and avoiding judgement in a court of law. In the context of this case, this pleading seems desperate. For people of faith, this seems suspicious and unbiblical. These actions seem the opposite of what Jesus teaches us to do. Jesus calls his followers to bring things to the light, don't bear false witness and to always testify to the truth. In fact Jesus says we can't overcome except by the word of our testimony. Pastor Chris Hodges now finds himself embroiled in a federal lawsuit that alleges multiple criminal activities against him. The once-respected religious leader is now at the center of a legal storm that has sent shockwaves through his congregation and the wider Christian community.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court, accuses Pastor Chris Hodges of various criminal acts, including involvement in embezzlement, fraud, and other misconduct. These allegations have raised serious questions about his leadership and integrity.

As the case unfolds, many are left wondering how such a respected figure could be implicated in such serious criminal activities. The lawsuit alleges that Pastor Chris Hodges used his position of power and influence to secretly authorize a racketeering scheme and coup of Celebration Church of Jacksonville.  The allegations include cybercrimes, fraud, extortion, and a viscous smear campaign against the former pastor and his wife, Stovall and Kerri Weems. 

The fallout from these shocking allegations has been significant, with many calling for Pastor Chris Hodges to be held accountable for his actions. The legal proceedings are expected to shed more light on the extent of his alleged criminal activities and the impact they have had on those affected.


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